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"For those who want to start testing with this program, plan to test your uric acid level at least once a week and then at least every two weeks thereafter. A brand I recommend for uric acid testing is called UASure and it is available online..."

Drop Acid Book

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UASure II Uric Acid Meter

Utilizing advanced biosensor technology, the UASure II Blood Uric Acid Meter provides an easy and precise way of measuring the level of uric acid in capillary blood from the fingertip. With an easy, one touch operation this uric acid monitoring system displays plasma-referenced results in 10 seconds, with a level of accuracy that is comparable to results that can be obtained from a laboratory.

Simple 3-Step Operation:

Test Step 1 Insert Test Strip
Test Step 2 Apply Sample
Test Step 3 Get Results


The UASure Blood Uric Acid Meter and Test Kit are not intended to diagnose Hyperuricemia or Gout, and results obtained from using the UASure monitoring system should not be used as a basis to alter medication without first consulting a physician or healthcare professional.

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