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The UASure Uric Acid tester was the first handheld uric acid meter created in the world. Invented in 2001, it set the worldwide standard for easy and accurate uric acid testing. The UASure meter utilizes advanced biosensor technology to deliver highly accurate and repeatable results with every test, and has been verified for accuracy by independent laboratories in Hamburg, Germany and Postfach, Switzerland. Both independent testing facilities have found the UASure meter to be highly accurate when compared with the standardized EPAC 6140 tester.

UASure USA is the only company authorized to sell the UASure brand of uric acid meters in the United States. Only purchases made from authorized resellers are eligible to receive support from the manufacturer. Customers who purchase the UASure product from a country other than the end user's country of residence may not be eligible to receive the stated manufacturer's warranty or technical support on UASure branded products.


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