UASure II Upgrade

UASure II Upgrade Options

We are offering two upgrade options for our UASure I customers:

Option 1: 20% Coupon for a UASure II Test Kit (Fast & Easy!)
- Full Kit Includes Test Strips and Accessories

  • Complete the upgrade request form
  • Send in your UASure I meter
  • Receive a coupon for 20% off a brand-new UASure II meter. Includes:
    • Full retail test kit
    • New lancing device
    • New battery
    • 5 test strips
    • 5 lancets

Option 2: Meter Swap (Takes 30-60 Days)
- Meter Only

  • Complete the upgrade request form
  • Pay $29.99 for your upgrade. (Why?)
  • Send in your UASure I meter
  • Receive your replacement brand-new UASure II meter in 30-60 days.
    • You will receive only the meter itself
    • Does not come in a retail box
    • Does not include a battery (your UASure I battery may be used)
    • Does not include test strips
    • Does not include a lancing device
    • Does not include lancets

UASure I Test strips are not compatible with UASure II.

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