UASure I Test Strips

UASure I Uric Acid Test Strips (Box of 25)

Important Notice: We are facing a shortage for one of the materials that is used when manufacturing UASure I test strips. Therefore, test strip production is currently limited. This was an unforeseen outcome for this product line, and we understand that this is a frustrating situation for many.

We want to make things right. We have a limited-time offer to upgrade your UASure I meter. Please continue reading for more information.

Is UASure II better? UASure II is the second-generation of our product that provides faster result times (in 10 seconds vs 30 seconds) and requires a smaller drop of blood for less discomfort and greater accuracy. UASure II also has a memory for 200 test results including dates and times, and it can be interfaced with a PC (by purchasing an optional cable) so that you can download past results to an Excel spreadsheet.

To view upgrade options: please see our upgrade page.

If you choose to keep your UASure I meter: For now, you can still purchase test strips for your UASure I meter by agreeing to the statement below.

I understand that depending on supply-chain conditions, UASure I test strip availability may become more limited in the future. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I will receive UASure I test strips that expire on 3/31/2024.

Product Compatibility:

Compatible I

Test Strip Expiration Date: 3/31/24

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